Trimmings 3 Mould by IOD

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      Three times a charm (although we still dearly LOVE our Trimmings 1 & 2) but the IOD Trimmings 3 Mould might just be our MOST favorite yet. Introducing SIX unique, antique-inspired border trim elements that feature beautiful curves, graceful lines, and natural elements. 

      You can use SO. MANY. DIFFERENT. MEDIUMS with the IOD Trimmings 3 Mould. We like IOD Air Dry Clay best, but you can also use resin, polymer clay, cookie dough, fondant, chocolate… just don’t use the same set of molds for both food and crafts because no one likes clay in their cookies.

      To make your job easier we've started adding measurement marks to the moulds - taking the guess work out of how much you need! Like all IOD Moulds, Trimmings 3 has a micro rim. This is a small raised edge around each mould cavity. It makes getting a crisp, clean edge along the base of your casting easy-peasy. The micro rim also allows you to quickly smooth and level the back of your casting so it will sit flush on your project surface.

      The IOD Trimmings 3 Mould is 6" x 10". We love to use the moulds with the Air Dry Clay

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